METAL: Melodic Death Metal & Heavy Metal music, riffs, & vocals

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METAL: Melodic Death Metal & Heavy Metal music, riffs, & vocals

NEW Melodic Death Metal 2013! DEADTIDE EP "Ephemeral" NOW OUT!

9,339 views 1 year ago
New melodic death metal for 2013! EP teaser for my band w/ ChromeCelica00—DEADTIDE's highly-anticipated EP is now out in CD & MP3!! GET YOURS: http://bit.ly/Deadtide-Ephe... \m/

Deadtide - Ephemeral tracklist:
1. Anthem of the Insomniac (0:00)
2. Chronolapse [instrumental] (0:27)
3. Stargazer Syndrome (0:40)

Band: Deadtide
Genre: Melodic Death Metal (Melodeath)
Album: Ephemeral [EP]
Year: 2012/2013 Show less
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Children of Bodom - Halo of Blood [Full Album, HD/HQ!] Play

NEW Children of Bodom-Halo of Blood FULL ALBUM+bonus tracks & music videos. Album Review: Halo of Blood is the new CoB album 2013, but it might be hard to tell considering it sounds like melodic death metal again—like something from the Follow the Reaper / Hate Crew Deathroll-era Bodom, and even with other styles mixed in at parts that are reminiscent of stuff like older In Flames & Hypocrisy. \m/
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