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[Vietsub] How I Live Now (2013) - Saoirse Ronan - Last Scene

5,843 views 5 months ago
'How I live now', an occidental reminder of the oriental 'The flowers of war'

The film is the story about a teenaged girl, Daisy, or Elizabeth struggling to come back to her cousins' house which is the meeting place of her boyfriend, Eddie and her too. By the way, Eddie is Daisy's cousin (I wonder if it is considered an incestuous relationship). Daisy's fellow-traveller is another cousin, Piper.

After watching its trailer on youtube, to tell the truth, I was slightly disappointed, a thought instantaneously came to my mind: "Errr, I will probably try my hand at watching it just because of Saoirse Ronan". Previously, she was also the reason that I deliberately downloaded the film disregarding the IMDB rating. It, however, turns out to be better than I thought.

In spite of the peaceful initial half of the cinematographic artistic work the other part still brings about thriller, drama and war atmosphere. Let us put the unjust factor of hostilities aside. As far as I have watched. the film has been relatively successful in conveying director's intentions to the audience. Thematic colours are green and yellow in the first part meanwhile that in the other one is gray, the typical colour of war films. At this point, it reminds me of 'The flowers of war' sharing the same war genre with 'How I live now'. Zhang Yimou does also make use of the colouristic contrary effects in his film. Show less
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