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Be Outside Idaho

BE OUTSIDE - Crawdads

38 views 4 years ago
Summer fun usually includes water in some way. This family uses an age-old skill for catching dinner. Show less
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Reviving Skills Play

In earlier times, it was natural for kids to learn outdoor skills like baiting a hook, trapping crawdads or riding a horse. Today, some of that "right of passage" has been lost.

Community Infrastructure Play

Parks, nature areas, neighborhood gardens, even how we build our own backyards determines how children play. It's up to us as citizens to decide how we can keep the community...and our kids...connected to nature.

Connecting Through the Arts Play

Ways to connect children to nature through painting, drawing, writing and music.

Creating Conservationists Play

By playing in nature, children learn to be good stewards of the planet.

Mentoring Play

Individual who makes it their mission to introduce young kids to the outdoors.

Classrooms: Bringing the Outside In Play

Educators use programs in the classroom to get children interested in the outdoors.

Classrooms: Stepping Out Play

Educators take their classes on field trips to learn about the outdoors.

Be Outside for Kids Play

Designed to get kids to want to play outside.

Wild About Winter Play

Ideas to engage families in the outdoors during the colder months.

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