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Let´s Play ArcheAge - Das Videomagazin

ArcheAge CBT5 Special - What A Wonderful New World Part 1

61,959 views 1 year ago
Dear international viewers, this is my new CBT5 special, all about the beautiful scenery and the great soundtrack of ArcheAge. Enjoy Part 1 when i´m travelling through the western continent Nuia.

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Table of Contents:
01:43 Prologue
03:26 Nuia Introduction
03:42 Solzreed
07:20 Gweonid Forest
11:47 Bronze Rock
12:06 Lilyut Meadow
16:40 Cradle of Genesis
17:29 Garangdol Plains
20:15 White Forest
25:48 Marianople
29:48 Two Crowns
34:54 Cross Plains
39:17 Golden Plains
41:19 Hell Swamp
47:24 Long Sand
55:47 The Carcass / Land of Bones
56:54 Isle of Enid
59:41 Interlude Show less
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