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How to make biofuel from bacteria

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A BBSRC-funded team at the University of Warwick is investigating how to use methane-producing bacteria, known as methanogens, to generate renewable biofuels.

The interdisciplinary team of researchers, funded by a BBSRC Strategic Longer and Larger (SLOLA) grant, are using specialist microbes to build cooperative microbial networks that work as methane producing communities. They are investigating how to best manipulate these communities to produce biomethane in oxygen-free environments, as oxygen is toxic to these bacteria.

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Great British Bioscience Festival exhibits Play

Throughout 2014 -- BBSRC's 20th anniversary -- BBSRC researchers will be exhibiting the best of British bioscience across the UK. This year-long programme of bioscience communication will showcase research to a broad public audience using exciting and engaging exhibitions. Then on 14-16 November all exhibitors will join BBSRC and partners at the Museum Gardens in London's Bethnal Green (subject to licence) for the Great British Bioscience Festival finale.

See the dates for the touring exhibits on our anniversary events page:

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Agriculture and food security Play

The world is facing a potential crisis in terms of food security. The challenge is to produce and supply enough safe and nutritious food in a sustainable way for a growing global population, which is projected to reach 9Bn by 2050.

See food security news from BBSRC is here:

Follow the BBSRC's work in the Global Food Security programme (http://www.foodsecurity.ac.uk) on Twitter at @foodsecurityUK

Read more about BBSRC's work to tackle food security in the UK and across the world here:

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Animal magic Play

Animals are bold, beautiful and can tell us a lot the natural world, the communities they live in, and the relationship we have with them tells us about ourselves too.

Here's a selection of animals who star in the natural (and not so natural) world.
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