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Barton Poulson

Welcome to BartonPoulson.com on YouTube!

965 views 3 months ago
Welcome! I have video tutorials on data analysis in SPSS, Excel, and R, coding in Python and and the command line, as well as creative work in Processing, Arduino, Max/MSP/Jitter, Ableton Live, and the Kinect. Take a look around and thanks for coming!

[And, by the way, the lovely music in the background is "Empty Bottle Collector" by They Might Be Giants.] Show less
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Working with StatCrunch Play

A series of tutorials on how to use the online statistics application StatCrunch. Starts with importing data, goes through graphs and numerical descriptions for one variable at a time, then two or more at a time. Also shows how to export charts and tables.

Research Methodology Play

A series of tutorials on how to prepare, conduct, and report research in the Behavioral Sciences, including Experimental Psychology.
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