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GQ - Always in Top Form

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Product : GQ
Title : Always in Top Form
Director : TOH Sekson
Production House : THE BANDITS
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Director: Tum, Apinut Wachirarom Play

Tum first started his career in feature films, and now in his fifth year in TVC production at the Bandits. Still young and fresh, Tum discovered he has an eye for hair and beauty. In 2007 Tum launched his career as a director and still has unstoppable energy for commercials.

Director: Toh, Sekson Prasertsup Play

Toh started directing with The Bandits in 1995. He is an experienced and versatile director. Toh enjoys directing both natural storytelling and dramatic spot for prominent clients like Toyota and Proctor & Gamble. Toh knows how to transform any idea into a reality and is known for breaking through all rules and restrictions.

Director: Jeab, Kangsadal Thongkam Play

After studied film at NYU, Kangsadal started directing Ads with The Bandits in 1994, her ads with children, fashion and beauty are very outstanding. Many people jokingly call her "the god mother of children's ads" in Southeast Asia. Her Nissin Cup Noodle "Catwalk" ad has won Best Creative in Asia Pacific of Asatsu Dai-Chi Kikaku also her Toyota Corporate Asian Game Sponsoring "Portrait of the Game" won a local award in Dentsu Thailand.

Uploads Play

Director: Nuk, Noppadol Patcharawaraporn Play

Nuk likes to apply his skills to wry and witty commercials that make his audience grin rather than go for cheap laughs. He likes transforming the everyday and the mundane into something extraordinary and interesting. Nuk specializes in teen and pre-teen humor. He is great at bringing out the natural charisma and charm of youngsters.
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