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PAX East and Prime Cosplay Compilation - Video Game, Anime, Comic Cosplay

693 views 3 months ago
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I won't be at PAX East 2014 in Boston this year so I decided to edit together this PAX East and Prime cosplayer compilation using my collection of videos from various YouTube channels of mine.

Featuring dozens of Penny Arcade Expo Cosplayers from various PAX Prime and East Expos. Who is your favorite cosplay character in this video? Do you know any of the gamers in costume? Can you guess which cosplayer is from which PAX ? THANKS FOR WATCHING

This video features cosplayers from league of legends, mario, zelda, halo, portal, team fortress, anime, manga, fallout, fifth element, world of warcraft, elder scrolls, pokemon, batman, starwars, street fighter, mortal kombat, catherine, xmen, deadpool, avengers, mass effect, devil may cry, borderlands, ghostbusters, fzero, silent hill, gi joe, sonic, princess toadstool, bioshock, booth babes, assassin's creed, metal gear solid and many more. Check out my channel for more Penny Arcade Expo and Cosplay videos !

Royalty free music by Kevin Macleod "Cut and Dry" incompetech.com

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