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ΛUTOMATIC JΛCK - "RIP THE RUN/Bad Habits" ft. Disjointed

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Winter Rap-Off - June 2014 - Topic "Breaking a Habit"
A song about Speedrunning by ΛUTOMATIC JΛCK.

Lyrics,Video, Gameplay, and Bad Lip Sync -by- ΛUTOMATIC JΛCK.
Beat -by- Disjointed.
Bad A/V Sync -by- YouTube.

Speedrunning is a precise art, but sometime that technique you got going just consistently fails in the same way every time. This means that you have picked up a BAD HABIT.

Catch more BAD HABIT SPEEDRUNS live at: http://www.twitch.tv/automa...

Written, recorded, and published in one day, with the video edited in real time using OBS, the same program I stream on Twitch with. I will NOT be doing that again =P


Below are the lyrics as I write them, with all line-breaks and visual aids intact, including intentionally misspelled words for phonetic accuracy ;)


- The damn game was hard enough to beat, anyway, but
then you gotta run it hella fast, and precisely,
- The last thing you need is shit you never did right
comin' up and fuckin' you every single fuckin' time,

- It's habit - I ain't tryin'a mess it up but
muscle memory and timing and damnit, I got screws loose,
who's who, and what's what, I picked the wrong guy, now my
splits are all janky and I just wanna die...

- I rage hard, I'm allowed for a second, lemme
mourn my run so I can get some closure and then try again,
- I gotta practice, but shit, I'm in the zone, and the
last thing I want is takin' time sharpen skills, yo,

- It's aggravatin' 'cause ah dohhh wanna face the problem,
even tho I know I'll prolly never Real-Time solve it,
- Strats bein' strats, habits bein' habits
means I gotta focus 'til I overwrite my bad brain traffic,


- Back in the day it was simple to play, all you did was
try and play it fast and hope the time you got was ok,
- Now it's technical madness, with strats and tech so
deeply involved, you fuck it up and that's some bad bidness,

- It could cost you the run, or barely matter but the
fact is still the same, and you feel that you lost the swagger,
- And if you practiced more, this would never happen -
so now I gotta face the fact that practice is my only option,

- So then I do, and I kill da bad habit, but I'll
never really know until the time it comes around again,
- Start the run, hope it all amounts to somethin' better,
check the time and see the run is solid - to the letter,

- Here come th' strat, I'ma own this mutha fuckin' trick,
- Don't choke, don't sweat, I'ma nail it
Guess I need a little more practice - 'cause bad habits blow!! Show less
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