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Austin Mackert


932 views 6 months ago
Hey, and welcome to my channel! My name is Austin. Here on YouTube I do a variety of gameplay videos, ranging from live casual reviews, to let's plays, to longplays (full game runs), as well as the occasional "properly edited" scripted review. I originally began making gaming-related YouTube videos in the second half of 2009, first by simply shooting my television with a camcorder, a style where I would turn on a game and talk about it. I initially dubbed these videos "Gameplay and Talk", but in recent times that name has come to encompass all of my video content here on YouTube and across the web. If you enjoy video gaming of any form, particularly a focus on the classics, then be sure to subscribe! Show less
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Let's Plays Play

Live "Let's Play" sessions! Here I typically play games short enough to complete in one sitting (mostly retro titles). Sometimes I manage to make it through to the end successfully, and other times I fail miserably! (with a few controllers broken here and there.. *cough*)

Casual Reviews Play

"A Casual Look At.." is a series of casual reviews where I turn on a game, play it, and talk over it on-the-fly. These videos are completely improvised, recorded fully (audio and video) on the spot. I give my thoughts and feelings about each game, as well as go into general detail about how they play, with a little bit of reminiscing thrown into the mix for good measure. The more recent videos in this series have minor post-editing, including simple things like displaying the box art, performing simple zoom-ins, or flashing brief gameplay clips that are related.

Longplays (w/commentary) Play

Full-on playthroughs of games. Commentaries recorded afterwards talking about a wide variety of topics, from my experience had playing the game, to tips and tricks, and more. These are generally completed without continuing, and sometimes when I'm lucky, without dying.
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