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♛ Auds in Wonderland ♠

97,447 views 3 years ago
Wow ... just came up with the title for this video right now and it's 4:05 AM. HEH. Corny. I know the green screen kinda sucks in this video ... whoops. I did rush filming those sections to meet a deadline. I'll do better with that in the future hopefully :P

Originally I made this video as my submission for an "About Me" project in my film production class. As you may recognize, there's a lot of footage here that has already been seen before with similar music and placement. However, a few things have been added. At first I was against the thought of posting this on my Audfaced channel because it's almost a repeat of a video that already exists here but ... I figured, why not. Perhaps some people haven't seen the past video and, it does have a few new updates to it :)

This video is also basically a montage of makeup tutorials, short films and a few things I've done with my life this past year thus the "About Me" theme. Most people in my class take a video tour of their room or have the camera following them around during a section of their everyday lives while they narrate but ... I decided to show things this way, with just pure visuals and music.

The theme I chose to tell an audience "About Me" is very symbolic and close to meh heart. The past 2 years have been quite a journey in figuring out what I want to do with my life and, this video is a mini montage of a section of that struggle in my life. I dedicate this to you all because without you, my channel would not be what it is today. You all give meaning and purpose to the videos I create for YouTube and I'm more than thankful to be able to inspire great minds like yourselves in "finding your way" too. I hope you enjoy this video and yes ... more videos soon to come I promise! If you've been wondering where I am, the past 5 months of my life have literally been put all into a zombie short film that I wrote, produced and directed and it's literally sucked the life out of me ... we just wrapped filming recently and I'm almost on summer vacation so ... I'm sure I'll have much more time for a new wave of 2011 makeup tutorials and videos for this channel. Ciao! :)

- Auds

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