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A-tak - Taking Off (DFUOB6 Entry)

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A-tak's entry for the Don't Fun[n]k Up Our Beats Contest 6 Hosted by Funk Volume!

Produced by Rikio

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Audio Reign Studio

Filmed & Edited by Corey Schestak

Assisted by Jeff Greene

Verse 1
Hold on yo I been here before
Knockin steady on that same ole broken door
Bout to break it down and mop the floor
With anybody in my way yeah ill break em off
And I'm ready for that lime light
Show me what I gotta do cuz the times right
And my patience is gone
Wanna see me make it then lets do it
Yo, wutcha waitin on

Wutchoo waitin on
Expecting me to take a fall?
But im takin off
I been sittin waiting patient for my day to come
Now im back and on the rise so what you want
Watcha waitin on if you want a problem boy
Watcha waitin on
Watcha waitin on
So if ya want beef
Then wutcha waiting on
Come get me***

Verse 2
I been patient
Ready to show this earth
This talent that I have cuz you can't teach it, this here just happens at birth
And It happened to happen to me when im rappin I'll happily hop on a beat
And I'm slaughtering all of you other MCs
So you can believe
That I am so out of this league
Kinda like an alien I am not a human being
Im outta this world im callin the whole hip hop game out and im starting with me
How you gonna quit on your fans how you ever gonna leave?
Why you so scared of what you could be if you trust and believe
And practice ya preachin cant you just see it?
I'm aimin for Hu$h and Alyssa Marie
Audio Reign and GMC
Organik Kashar and any one else on my team, yo, this here isn't beef
Im just sayin hip hop has been wack as fuck
And its up to US to step it up
So what we gon do, fight or run?


3rd Verse
All thats left is to call out Hopsin and SwizZz
Cuz when we met you didnt know we could spit
But you Gave me a chance that I'll never forget
Flew to the west to see you live and to my surprise
You were doing shows that were the.same size as mine
Didn't take off yet you were still just a regular guy
But after that day I felt so inspired
You lit fire within me that couldn't be kept quiet
I had to rhyme and prove that I will
Never quit but both of yall just lost your spark
And stopped puttin your heart into songs and it like yall split apart
So come on, heres the torch
Follow in my foot steps here we go
Down that broken and unhopeful road cuz its our.time to show
Everybody out that we're aimin for the top and we.won't come back
Writing everyday just to hope it lasts
But if it never does then maybe it aint meant to be but I don't hold back

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