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Scrum, Kanban, and Scalable Agile Webinar

11,212 views 2 years ago
This webinar covered how to accelerate software development by combining elements of Scrum (with fixed-length sprints), Kanban (continuous flow with rapid completion of each selected task), and Scalable Agile (multiple contributing teams working on a big project).

Agile expert Damon Poole describes how to introduce Kanban into a Scrum process, how to accelerate development with "One Piece Flow", and how to coordinate the work of multiple teams.

You also get a look at two soon-to-be-released features of Assembla. Company founder Andy Singleton will preview the "Simple Planner" view of Assembla tickets with an AJAX UI that will allow you to move effortlessly between Scrum iteration planning and Kanban. Andy also describes the Advanced Merge Request feature that can help you manage continuous development and release.

Damon Poole is a widely-recognized Agile expert. He founded AccuRev, where he created multiple Jolt Award winning products. He writes and speaks frequently on Agile development and is the author of "Do It Yourself Agile." He has consulted for industry leaders including Ford, Xerox, Orbitz, Texas Instruments and Verizon Wireless, and has trained hundreds of people on Agile methodologies.

Andy Signleton is Founder of Assembla. He previously founded PowerSteering Software and Cambridge Interactive and has built more than 20 new software and Web products. Show less
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