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Art of Fighters

Art of Fighters - Keep on rocking #TiH

418 views 5 days ago
Out Now! http://www.sonicsolution.it...

Different vibe of hardcore here. Instead of getting all aggressive and angry, why we don't party hard with a solid stomping kick?

Keep on Rocking was also featured in the second free "This is Hardcore" cd!
Check @officialtih

Sample lyrics:
When you grow up
you tend to get told that the world is the way that it is.
But life can be a lot broader than that when you realize one simple thing:
And that is:
everything around us is made by people that are no smarter than you
So build a life,
don't live one, build one!

Is that allright?
We're gonna keep on rocking! Show less
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What is Hardcore, what does it mean? For someone it's music at high bpm, for someothers it's complex and for others it's simple, for some may be something really dark and others think it should be really party and happy. We think it's all of this all at once, Hardcore means power.

Our new ep tells a story, a story of people having fun, jumping on the beat of "Keep on rocking", people that want it more heavy and dark, like the collaboration with Alien T "My drug:the competition" or just people that wants to get fucked up, with the 200bpm drill "Goodbye".

Even if we can be considered just noise makers we like to spread a message with our music:
"Keep on rocking" pays a tribute to Steve Jobs, with his famous speech about life, "My drug: the competition" talks about our relation with the competition, one of the current biggest problems in life, and "Goodbye"... well, it's the closing track of our performance, so it just say goodbye.

C.Nardelli (Art of Fighters)
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