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A Rood Awakening! with Michael Rood

Preview of Shabbat Night Live with Michael Rood: July 25, 2014

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http://aroodawakening.tv Get a "Rood Preview" of what's happening on the July 25, 2014 episode of Shabbat Night Live with Michael Rood! Michael and the rest of the Rood Crew work hard to Restore the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith each Friday night at 9pm (EST) on http://messianic.tv during Shabbat Night Live through powerful teachings, a Rood Review update of everything happening at A Rood Awakening!, positive news from Inside Israel for Shabbat Night Live with Ariela Steagall and through informative Q&A's with Michael Rood.

Join the "Messianic Matador", Michael Rood, and the rest of the crew from A Rood Awakening! International as they Restore the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith with a brand new episode of Shabbat Night Live - Judges: The King is Coming - National Price Of Perversion.

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Hebrews Teaching Series - Michael Rood Play

A Rood Awakening International presents Hebrews Teaching Series with Michael Rood

The Jonah Code by Michael Rood Play

The Jonah Code and the Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Daniel by Michael Rood

ahshua the Messiah (aka Jesus Christ ) declared that there would be only one sign of his authenticity: "Three days and three nights in the grave - and rising on the third day." Tragically, inherited ignorance of the Creator's reckoning of time and mindless attachment to pagan traditions have left the Christian Church system unable to count to three!!
Michael Rood strips away 2,000 years of fossilized traditions to reveal profound truths in the Gospels which have eluded Western Christianity for millennia. Michael exposes one of the greatest deceptions foisted upon the Christian world: the blatantly insupportable "three and one half year ministry of Jesus" and the eight infamous words that were deliberately forged into later texts of John's Gospel which destroyed the chronological integrity of the Gospels, formed the crumbling foundations of replacement theology, and left the end-time prophecies of Daniel in shambles!

Join Michael for two action-packed evenings as he exposes and corrects the fatal error in Western Christianity while unveiling mathematical proofs and astronomical confirmations from the Hebrew Scriptures that were concealed until the end of the age. This is Bible Prophecy 401.
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