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How to draw a female face - Quick method for comics, manga, or realism

9,936 views 2 months ago
Hey, with this new quick method, you will learn how to draw a female face for comics, manga, anime, or realism.

You can also use this same method for drawing a male face, with just minor changes.

Who has been waiting for my Manga course? Well, I finished recording it. :) I will it all upload on Udemy. Now I just need to do the Youtube ad and it will be read.

It is called How to Draw Manga/Anime Face and Hair.

Brought to you by howtodrawnf1

Here are some cool references for drawing female faces

How to draw a face http://youtu.be/Of9ef8SkLt0

Faces drawing reference http://discipleneil777.devi... Show less
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