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Frag Logic: Imagining a Gears of War Collection

1,947 views 3 weeks ago
Brief discussion of a Gears of War Collection?
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Halo's Master Chief Collection had us imagining what a Gears of War collection would be like. This was taken from Episode 72 of Frag Logic. Show less
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Frag Logic Live Show Play

Frag Logic is a weekly live show with discussion about games. The show is hosted by K.L. "arCtiC" Smith and Colin "Skyllus" Fogle.

Every Tuesday at 9pm EST at http://twitch.tv/arctyc
Collection of Titanfall matches, scrimmages and tournaments with Team AmazYn.

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The Sparring Lab is a live commentary series where I practice getting better at Fighting Games against other players in the community! Season 3 features Killer Instinct.
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