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Chandigarh Police Akhada Raja Pahalwan -चंडीगढ़ पुलिस अखाडा - कोच राजा पहलवान

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Chandigarh Police Wrestling School - Coach Raja Pahlwan
Raja Pahlwan is employed in Chandigarh Police. He has been devoted to wrestling since long and even after getting a nice job , still attached to wrestling. Infact he has established a nice wrestling academy for the children of Chandigarh and nearby areas, where the wrestler of Chandigarh Police , home guards, few friends or their children are practicing wrestling under Raja Pahlwan. These wrestler has earned fame in both traditional Indian wrestling and on Mat. I heard that a few days before wrestler of the akhada won medal at a wrestling competition organised by Ambuja Cement and Vishwkarma Wrestling Academy wrestling competition at Chandigarh. Last year few wrestlers won medals at Junior National Wrestling Competition at Chandigarh. One Wrestler won medal at All India Police Games. Raja Pahlwan says it took him lot of efforts to establish the akhada and facilities. He is really a devoted man and constructed a small but beautiful temple at the akhada premises of Lord Hanuman. Policemen are known to work under heavy stress around the world. Only some physical activities like sports, pray and entertainment can help coping with it. The wrestling Academy of Raja Pahlwan is ready made solution for this. I hope policemen routinely come here and practice wrestling that way they can go to work happily and be strong as well. the akhada however lakes wrestling mat. yet I am very much thankfull to Raja Pahlwan for doing such a good work for Chandigarh police , people of Chandigarh and the country.

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