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Seattle Seahawks - Super Bowl Champions

27,349 views 5 months ago
Here it is! the Official Anthem for the 2014 super bowl champion Seattle Seahawks! Download this song and video at cigmuzik.com!

Thank you to everyone for the support!
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Welcome to Seattle
Come to century link if you looking to battle
Time to face the music, let em know the hawks back
Talk smack Sherman in yo face will make you stop that
Number 1 corner on the field shut em down
Yo team win on the road? Yeah In another town
Seattle baby ain't no messing with the blue and green
You can ask 49ers go and ask New Orleans
Defenses try to stomp on in
That's cute get juked by marshawn lynch
Cutting through the middle, spin move by little
Defenders who try to fiddle and faddel tickle tackle
To much a hassle, back
Russell Wilson best qb after Matt
Best record in the league yeah that's a fact
Tied with the broncos put an end to that
Super Bowl champs 12th man lets take a stand

All day all night
The Seahawks play, the Seahawks fight
It can be cold, hot or straight snowing
Soon as the kick off they never stop going
They gon fight to the finish
Expect nothing less then winning
Broncos fan grinning, story of the underdog
Super Bowl champions, ready for another dog

Much love to paul allen
In the huddle 12th man put they hands in
Got the whole stadium all chanting
Sea town don't stop until ya get the damn win
Said they weren't ready for the bright lights
Said they To young with no experience
What you mean? Blue and green in the lime light
Now you see the team get mean when the Times right
Are you serious?
They weren't stopping till they got a ring
Getting sacks, field goals interceptions ain't a thing
Running routes run the ball see an offense so In sync
When ya got Golden Tate and Percy harvin on the wing
They the posse on Broadway
And you can tell sir mix a lot
Or tell the universe to jump on it cuz the hawks got back
And Seattle sure win a lot

Lombardi trophy, high in the sky's
Let it shine so, bright for everyone's eyes
Know they Did it for the city the state and all of its people
Can't raise it any higher put it on the space needle
how we do, streets bleed green and blue
Crowd so loud can't believe it's true
12th man keep it loud with a mouth full of skittles
And a whole other bag for lynch to chew
All we do is win no cheat code
Stop the men in lime? Nah Not when they in beast mode
First tittle, finally got it
Champions in Seattle, the Seahawks and the sonics
And to be honest, it just wouldn't be right
If we didn't pay homage to legends who first took flight
Walter jones, greatest there will ever be
Defensive tackles? Shoot, Cortez Kennedy
steve largent, Shaun Alexander
Super Bowl champions? Seattle be the answer

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