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For You (Original)

2,663 views 1 year ago
Hi there! I wrote a new original song! It's about love and all that stuff and I really hope you'll like it :) - Have a beautiful day everyone!
- Tuning: DADGAD -
- Lyrics: For you (Original) -

I can't stand the way we move so fast these days,
Every single day we try to catch up with the pace,
I know that life ain't easy and if you're out there on the run,
Just know that I'll be waiting home when your day is done.

And if you're far away and you just can't get home to me,
I would build a boat and meet you half way cross the sea,
I'd even build a rocket and meet you half way to the moon,
So our lonely days are over and we'll be together soon,
Our lonely days are over and there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

There's nothing much it takes to keep my world go spinning around,
Just hold me close, let's hide, babe, when it's crazy out-side,
And if you're feeling tired and think you've got no place to run,
Just know that I'll be waiting home when your world has come undone.

And every time you're feeling sad and low,
Remember you can always come back home,
And every time the world comes crashing down on you,
You can count on me to be there,
I will always be there for you,
Just for you,
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