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Anna Dagmar

Satellite by Anna Dagmar, directed by Mitch Jacobson

3,835 views 2 years ago
www.AnnaDagmar.com - "Satellite" is the title track of Anna's upcoming CD - release date June 2012

Directed by Mitch Jacobson, www.Category5studios.com
Choreographed by Annie Sailer.
Audio Produced by Ben Wittman.

Music and Lyrics by Anna Dagmar 2012

Seven days and seven nights
Hands of clay and breath of life
In the garden stands a tree
And a woman scorned

Secrets burning in the dark
Fractured stars and scattered light
Spinning out a memory
As a planet's born

Are we the sum of all we've chosen to believe?
Can I be somewhere in between?

Verse 1:
I was raised by a man of reason
In the elegance of truth
Who plays with math like music
And yearns for proof
So he combs the ground for a pattern
And he scours the sky
And his kindness grows the more he knows
Humbled by the climb

Refrain: Oh

Verse 2:
His heart belongs to a woman
As selfless as the air
A helper and a holder
With one sweet hour of prayer
She kneels below the window
And speaks to God above
Whose quieting forgiveness
Feels like a mother's love

Refrain: Oh

Verse 3
They have a boy with a joyful wit
And a puzzled painter's mind
Who finds inspiration
In nature's great design
From the time that I was a baby girl
I could wrap myself in song
When I close my eyes, my fingers fly
And the angels sing along

Refrain: Oh

Seven days and seven nights
Oh, to be a satellite
Yet I've circled round the truth
So today, I turn to you. Show less
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