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Treadmill to Nowhere

66 views 2 months ago
An original of mine done in a Techno Trance musical style, featuring original lyrics sung by me. Here's the lyrics for this tune; I wrote back in the 1970's; Time lost, wasted; and gone forever, for now, I only remember, the tears that have fallen, the loves that I've lost, and others not gained, In the dimly lit bars, chocking on cigarette smoke, the dimly lit minds, chocking on misery, Strange ways; lead to strange days, following anyone, bold enough to lead, trying to fit in, somewhere, trying to find; someone who cares, time spent, chasing the void, on a treadmill to nowhere, leading to no one, leading to nowhere, where no one cares, Time lost, wasted, gone forever, for now, I only remember, the tears that have fallen, and all the loves lost,dimly lit bars, dimly lit minds, chocking on misery, trying to fit in somewhere, trying to find someone who cares, Time spent, on a treadmill to nowhere , leading to no one, where no one cares! Show less
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A collection of music videos I created myself, using stop-frame animation I assembled in my computer; set to my own original music.These visuals; are intended to re-create the psychedelic light show style of the 1960's era. Enjoy!

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These are videos of controversial subjects which I submit for your consideration. Please keep an open mind, and be sure watch all of the episodes of any multi-episode series before forming an opinion, thanks!

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