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Andriana Santiago

Andriana's Artwork Play

Hey everyone! My name is Andriana Santiago and I am a musician & visual artist.
When i make music i see colors and shapes and feel movement and texture dancing in the center of my soul.
Certain places or moments in Life; Particular Foods, Sounds and individual people all resonate particular colors and feelings that i transpose into a tangible existence as a form of expression through words, sounds & pieces of artwork.

Thank you for browsing my little creations!
Email me if you's like to commission me for piece, have any project ideas, or would like to collaborate!

* I take custom orders from musicians all over the world who send me their equipment to art or you can purchase a piece, mail it to me then i will art it up then send it to you!

* Some examples include but are not limited to: Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Heart shaped or Kid sized Guitars. Amps, Keyboards, Pedals. Drums, Microphones, etc, etc, etc!!

* Share with me your vision or color requests and i'll work magic with those ingredients. If you have no idea, no problem! I'll art it so fabulous it'll be love at 1st sight!

ROCKjournals Play

Rock journals is a high-energy Online Music Television show created by multi-talented recording artist Andriana Santiago. She films, edits, and stars in each episode which airs on ROCKjournals.com.
Andriana says, "Originally ROCK Journals began when I'd spontaneously approach unsuspecting people in NYC who looked like Musicians for impromtu interviews. I'd ask them if they were in a band, and if they were I'd interview them! Since then I've extended ROCK Journals to signed artists from some of the following Major Record Labels: Virgin, Atlantic, Warner Bros., Fueled By Ramen, EMI, Sony/BMG, Universal Records, Interscope, & Capital among others."
Rock Journals has gained wide spread Internet attention with fans that have already started an e-team & street team to help promote Andriana and her work.
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