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Suddenly (feat. Laura Main) - Live from the St. James Studio, London 2014

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Suddenly (feat. Laura Main) at the 'You Are Home in London' album release concert on Sunday 16th March 2014 at the St. James Studio.

Original version available on 'You Are Home - The Songs of Anderson & Petty' available on iTunes and amazon worldwide.

'Suddenly (Instrumental)' on iTunes (GB) - http://tiny.cc/9gx3dx
'Suddenly (Instrumental)' on iTunes (US) - http://tiny.cc/ojx3dx
'Suddenly' on iTunes (GB) feat. Cynthia Erivo - http://tiny.cc/k88vdx
'Suddenly' on iTunes (US) feat. Cynthia Erivo - http://tiny.cc/888vdx

Full album on iTunes (GB) - http://tiny.cc/xd9vdx
Full album on iTunes (US) - http://tiny.cc/wb9vdx
Physical CD available on amazon - http://tiny.cc/9hdwdx
Karoake/Backing Tracks Album on iTunes (GB) - http://tiny.cc/rf9vdx
Karaoke/Backing Tracks album on iTunes (US) - http://tiny.cc/bi9vdx

Sheet Music available at- http://www.andersonandpetty...


Music & Lyrics by: Barry Anderson & Mark Petty
Vocals: Laura Main
Acoustic Guitar: James Forster
Electric Guitar: Nick Pinchbeck
Bass: Lawrence Addison
Piano: Barry Anderson
Drums: Adam Aggiss

Videography: Edward Rolfe

London Concert produced by Iliad Debuts


For more information on this or any other songs by Anderson & Petty please check out our website at http://www.andersonandpetty.... You can also follow us for updates on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/ande... or on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/an...

Suddenly (Anderson/Petty)

I can still remember
When I looked upon your face
Such innocence and beauty
Your eyes met mine
I felt out of place
I knew right then you saw me

And as the days they flew by
You were the one by my side

You're here and suddenly
I need to breath you into me
You've caught my heart unexpectedly
I look at you
And I'm falling suddenly

That fateful day
I heard the news
Of when your world stopped turning
I pictured you
Lonely and confused
No way to still the hurting

My light in your darkness I share
I hope that you hear my prayer

'Cause I'm here and suddenly
You take a breath and run to me
Our lives have changed unexpectedly
I look at you
And I'm falling suddenly

I watched you in the cafe
With that song on the radio
I kissed away the tears of a father's son
When you told me you kept the message
I'd left so long ago, I sensed it then
You were the one

Now we're here and suddenly
The curtain falls, it's just you and me
Alone in the dark, you pull me close
I hear your heart and suddenly...
Suddenly, I know
You love me Show less
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'You Are Home in London' - St. James Studio Concert Play

Here are the video performances from our concert 'You Are Home in London' recorded at the St. James Studio, London on Sunday 16th March 2014. The concert featured songs from our album 'You Are Home - The Songs of Anderson & Petty' which is available on iTunes and amazon worldwide. The concert also featured material from our song-cycle Lost which is currently in development and also songs from other commissions.
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