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Alain de Courtenay

In Loving Memory (original song by Alain de Courtenay)

5,275 views 1 year ago
In Loving Memory by Alain de Courtenay

Had I known I'd be living on my lonesome now
I'd spend my time burning daylight trying to figure out
Why all my life - every season, a reason to doubt
But I still believe
I still believe

But to my surprise, you had me, then you had enough
Can't we compromise? You shook me, now I'm shaken up
And would it be unkind if I told you you were giving up,
But I still believe?
I still believe

And if my love is good for nothing, I'll stay good and true
The end could be the start of something

Let me, let me, let me
Let me love you

A special thanks to the talented gentlemen in this video, some of the best bandmates a guy could ever ask for. Show less
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