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Paul Ryan's Poverty Plan: Stop Being Poor

4,472 views 4 days ago
Five years to the day after our last national minimum wage increase, Paul Ryan is set to lay out a "new" six-pillared anti-poverty plan today. Ryan has long preached about how to tackle poverty and fashions himself as a serious politician and policy wonk. But if you believe that, I've got a 2 hour marathon time to sell you!

Here are the six tenets of Paul Ryan's poverty plan, as told by his career rather than his rhetoric:

1. Never Raise The Minimum Wage. Time and time again, Ryan has voted against raising the wage for hardworking Americans, and even argued that doing so would actually harm low income Americans.

2. Oppose Unemployment Insurance. Since 2010, in the depths of the Great Recession, Ryan has voted at least six times against extending unemployment benefits for American job-seekers.

3. Gut Medicaid, Leaving Low-Income Americans Uninsured. Ryan's most recent budget would take an ax to Medicaid, taking health care away from between 14.3 and 20.5 million low income Americans.

4. Slash Nutrition Assistance Programs. The FY15 Ryan Budget would slash an astonishing $137 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which lifted 4 million Americans out of poverty in 2012. Almost half of SNAP recipients are children.

5. Fight Against Protections For Low-Income Consumers. Ryan has consistently taken the side of big banks and credit card companies over Americans fighting to stay afloat, even after the 2008 financial crisis.

6. Divisively Demonize The Poor For Their Situation. As if his policy attacks on low-income Americans weren't offensive enough, Ryan infamously blamed poverty in part on the "real culture problem" of "inner city" men who don't want to work.

Paul Ryan can say whatever he wants about poverty today. But it's akin to a lesson on fire safety from the cow who kicked over the lantern. Show less
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