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Alison Deyette

Alison Deyette - Style Expert!

3,429 views 2 years ago
The best of my most recent videos, including appearances on Good Morning America, Style's How Do I Look, NBC's TODAY Show, Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, TLC's Ten Years Younger, E! News, ABC's The View and more.

Tune in for a little flavor of what I do to make you look good!

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Style Dish w/ Alison Deyette Play

Your closet's calling me and it has A LOT to say. If your clothes could talk they'd probably complain of boredom and fatigue. The skinny jeans would say, "Please girl, not again, I just want to rest in the drawer awhile. Choose a dress for a change." Time to reinvent your wardrobe, experiment with what you own and find multiple ways to wear one piece.

Just like Top Chefs that can make something delicious with a few items you have in the pantry, I'm going to be your Style Chef Du Jour. Today, I'm going to dish up the fashion, cook up some great new looks with what you've got in the closet and add that one key ingredient that will make your wardrobe sizzle!!

Style Expert Alison Deyette's fashion philosophy is that every item you own should be working triple-duty - every piece has a purpose and at least three ways to wear it. In each episode, Alison will visit a new woman struggling with her style. She'll walk through her wardrobe, find out what she's got going on and what simply has to GO, and then bring her guest back to the Style Studio. With just one new ingredient -- a dress, a top or the right pair of jeans -- Alison will cook up three different outfits, mixing the new item with pieces pulled from the guest's very own closet!
Alison will show how to inventively mix-and-match pieces, how to wear it for work AND the weekend, and how to mix up black-tie or first date, cocktail party or concert. We're serving up style here, boosting women's confidence and teaching them to be more inventive, creative and experimental with their wardrobe.

Bra Makeover Series-Bra & Style series Play

Bra and style expert Alison Deyette helped women solve their bra problems once and for all with the help of Playtex. Plus she gave many women a full head-to-toe makeover as well. Check out the entire series and visit www.alisondeyette.com for more!
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Before "I Do" Play

Lifestyle experts, Alison Deyette (she's married) & Jesse Brune (he's getting married) share some helpful and funny advice for you before you say "I Do!"
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