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GTA SA : DYOM Mission Review - James Parker and His Crew (2.1 & 2.2)

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A DYOM Mission Series made by Notna which is also his surprise for his 1000th post in www.gtaforums.com and also for Christmas in 2011


Story :
Las Venturas, 2009. I had all the money. All the ladies. All the power. My empire was unbeatable - until he came. He ruined everything. He ruined me. He ruined my life. Everything I had, he got it. All what I have now, is my little house. And my crew. But for me, it's all about the money. I want it all back. When I have it, I can do everything. I come from money, I come from class, these ladies love me for all my cash. Won't let nobody spoil my dream. Because when I've got money I can do anything. I am strong enough to get it all back. I am strong enough to climb the highest tower. I am strong enough to stay alive. I am strong enough to get my vengeance. I am James Parker, and this is my story.

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DYOM Missions Review - Single Missions Play

DYOM missions review with commentaries by alifjenius for various missions that have been requested by the designers from the topic in GTAForums

Please note that this playlist isn't a full missions series commentaries. So, some of the videos may not connecting with each other. Thanks for the attention

DYOM Missions Review - Hitman by Nitesh aka AAAAAAA Play

DYOM missions review with commentaries by alifjenius for a missions series called Hitman by Nitesh aka AAAAAAA (GTAForums username)

Story :
This is a mission pack that involves use of stealth and intelligance.

Its a story about a hitman given the code 002. He is one of the best the organisation has. He can do anykind of job. From simply sniping from a distant place to inflitrating a highly guarded area. All you need to give him is the description of the hit and agent 002 will make sure he is dead. Hitman gets all his calls from th Agent 001 who is unknown to any of the hitman. The only way they can distinguish the call of 001 is from the code

You can visit his topic in : http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=478339

DYOM Missions Review - Brian Thompson Heist by Jimmy Leppard Play

DYOM missions review with commentaries by alifjenius for a missions series called Brian Thompson's Heist by Jimmy_Leppard (Youtube username : jimmyleppard6)

Summary :
Brian Thompson is a great jewelry thief who decided to rob the Los Santos Jewelry store and steal the diamond which is worth 20 million dollars. Along with his partner, Garry Brown, he succeeded to steal the diamond. However, things didn't go exactly as he planned it. When they steal the diamond, Garry decides that he wants the diamond for himself. Before Brian handed over the diamond to him, the police sirenes had involved. Brian and Garry split before the cops showed up. Garry manages to run away from the cops, while Brian gets arrested. However, before he was arrested, he had burried the diamond in a little alley down the street. 3 years later, Brian got out of jail. He wanted to see if the diamond was still there and get it. Unfortunately, the little alley in which Brian burried the diamond is no longer an alley. It's an FBI training place.
Now Brian has to get the diamond from the FBI training place, but what he doesn't know is that he is no longer the only guy after the diamond.

You can visit his topic in : http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=476920
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