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AlgaeCal Plant Calcium

AlgaeCal Organic Plant Calcium - Hand Harvested Marine Algae from the Beaches of South America

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This video takes you through the harvesting of AlgaeCal.

AlgaeCal is made from rare South American marine algaes called Algas Calcareas. They are only found washed up on shores south of the equator.

This marine algae is washed up onto the shore of South America which is where the harvesting begins...

AlgaeCal is a hand harvested plant source of calcium and minerals. AlgaeCal is a marine algae from South America. The tiny algae attach to pieces of seaweed. The algae typically reaches the size of your fist. The algae is carefully harvested by hand making sure to not harm the environment. The algae is then washed in fresh water, sun dried and then milled into a powder. The powder results into a rich source of AlgaeCal, a body friendly source of calcium. Show less
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