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Weather Report - Weather Report(1971) Play

Type: [1st] Studio album
Format: LP
Released: May 1971
Recorded: February 16, 1971--March 17, 1971
Genre: Jazz fusion
Length: 40:05
Label: Columbia, CBS
Track listing
"Milky Way" (Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul) -- 2:33
"Umbrellas" (Shorter, Miroslav Vitous, Zawinul) -- 3:27
"Seventh Arrow" (Vitous) -- 5:23
"Orange Lady" (Zawinul) -- 8:44
"Morning Lake" (Vitous) -- 4:26
"Waterfall" (Zawinul) -- 6:20
"Tears" (Shorter) -- 3:25
"Eurydice" (Shorter) -- 5:45
Weather Report
Joe Zawinul - Electric and acoustic piano
Wayne Shorter - Soprano saxophone
Miroslav Vitous - Electric and acoustic bass
Alphonse Mouzon - Drums, voice
Airto Moreira - Percussion
Guest musicians
Barbara Burton - Percussion (uncredited)
Don Alias - Percussion (uncredited)
1990 CBS CD 32024 (CD)
1991 Columbia 468212 (CD, LP)
1992 Columbia Legacy CK 48824 (CD, LP)
1997 Columbia 9138 (CD)
1998 Sony Music Distribution 4682122 (CD)
2001 Sony Music Distribution 9658 (CD)
2005 Sony Music Distribution SICP-741 (CD)
2007 Sony Music Distribution SICP-1238 (CD)
2007 Sony Music Distribution SICP-1251 (CD)
2008 Sbme Special Mkts. 724465 (CD)
Jazz Album of the Year at the 36th Down Beat Readers Poll
Swing Journal Magazine Grand Prix Award, Best Band of the Year, Best Selling Jazz Album of the Year.

Michael Ruff with the "Straitjacket" trio LIVE Play

re-issue of the "FEELS GOOD" album :
Michael Ruff - songwriter, keyboardist, vocalist, and his "Straitjacket" band produce some of the tightest, funkiest, rockin' music in the universe.
Genre: Rock: Funk Rock
Release Date: 1996
Feels Good is the Michael Ruff Band at it's best... live, spontaneous and exciting. Recorded in Copenhagen in 1996, this CD was produced by Niels Erik Lund, and features Straitjacket: Marco Mendoza on bass, Joey Heredia on drums and Renato Neto on keyboards. These guys rock!

Speaking with melodies.....

A blast of funk, jazz, reggae, latin and soul that leaves the excited audience screaming for more.

Weather Report - I Sing the Body Electric(1972) Play

Type: [2nd] Studio album
Format: LP, Cassette
Released: May 1972
Recorded: November 1971 - January 13, 1972
Genre: Jazz fusion
Length: 46:28
Label: Columbia, CBS
Track listing
"Unknown Soldier" (Joe Zawinul) -- 8:00
"The Moors" (Wayne Shorter) -- 4:45
"Crystal" (Miroslav Vitous) -- 7:25
"Second Sunday in August" (Zawinul) -- 4:13
Medley: "Vertical Invader" (Zawinul) / "T.H." (Vitous) / "Dr. Honoris Causa" (Zawinul) -- 10:40
"Surucucú" (Shorter) -- 7:42
"Directions" (Zawinul) -- 4:36
Weather Report
Joe Zawinul - Electric and acoustic piano, ARP 2600 synthesizer
Wayne Shorter - Saxophones
Miroslav Vitous - Bass
Eric Gravatt - drums
Dom Um Romão - Percussion
Guest musicians
Andrew White - English horn ("Unknown Soldier" only)
Wilmer Wise - D and piccolo trumpet
Hubert Laws Jr. - Flute
Ralph Towner - 12-string guitar ("The Moors" only)
Yolande Bavan - Voice
Joshie Armstrong - Voice
Chapman Roberts - Voice
1982 CBS CBS 32062 (LP; Spain)
1990 Columbia CK 46107 (CD; United States)
1991 Columbia COL 468207 2 (CD)
1997 Sony SRCS 9141 (CD; Japan)
2004 Columbia 5128972 (CD)
2007 Sony SICP 1239 (CD Sized Album Replica, Paper/Cardboard Sleeve, Remastered; Japan)
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