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Phystikuff - Counterfeit Puppet

231 views 2 years ago
I made you
to obey me
do as I say
all work no play

The sweat of your brow
it's all mine now
I made you to work
so get to it now

You cant cry out for me when your at home
And when the darkness comes youll be all alone

Ill control your every move and say
"your my counterfeit puppet, my hollow, empty slave"
Ill tighten the strings if you start to go astray
Your my counterfeit puppet, my hollow, empty slave

Dont you dare
you must live in fear
dont you think for yourself
dont you question why I am not here
or youll burn in hell
human sacrifice
and the smoke will rise
you will try
but I wont hear your cries
I will break the ties
so be gone from my eyes
you will not get another chance to be with me
you will see
you will be damned in eternity

Why do you keep me at home?
living in fear
Why is the meaning of life so damn unclear?
As I look in the skies, I see vast array
but no sign of you coming to save me. Show less
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