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Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund

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Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund - Helping girls go to school, stay in school, and succeed in life! Learn more at http://www.aidforafrica.org....

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African Children Play

Children are the embodiment of the future. The better the education and care the children of Africa receive, the brighter the continent's future will be. This is why we are working to give African children, many of whom lack access to quality education and health care, everything they need to become the next generation of African, and possibly world, leaders.

African Wildlife and Habitat Preservation Play

The destruction of vital wildlife habitats such as rainforests has endangered many diverse species and left fragile African ecosystems hanging in the balance often because of human encroachment. We have learned that wildlife habitat cannot be protected solely by putting up fences, but requires helping local people rise out of poverty and to manage their forests for future generations.
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