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I'm about to meet my Biological Parents+Twin Brother...WHAT?!

32,924 views 1 year ago
I met them! Web Doc+Album Coming soon!
Questions? Booking? asxproductions@gmail.com
Support+Info: http://bit.ly/akaDANaka

Project will support Documentary Series and Full Length Album inspired by this experience!

It's been a while since last video. Thanks you to everyone who's still subscribed! One month ago i was told they found my biological family, which included a twin brother. My mind was blown. I'm about to embark on a journey back to korea to explore this story against the backdrop of the International Korean Adoption Association summit in Seoul. We are currently doing a kickstarter campaign to assist with production on this series as well as a solo album i plan to launch in the Fall/Winter. I'd be blessed to have your support in anyway possible, - donate, promote, drop a kind word. Anything is much appreciated. Thank you for your time!

I'll be live tweeting/instagramming everything: @DANakaDAN
I'm on Kakao: DANakaDAN Show less
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