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"Duck's DIY Project"

9,349 views 2 months ago
HGTV's Scott McGillivray is less than impressed with the Aflac Duck's do-it-yourself home improvement skills, but when he finds out the Duck paid his friend's claim in just four days, Scott realizes the Duck is pretty handy after all... as long as he wears his safety glasses. Show less
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Fan Favorites: Aflac Commercials Play

Celebrate the Aflac Duck's lucrative career by reliving his best moments. These are his greatest hits!

Duck Extras Play

Can't get enough of the Duck? Watch what he's been up to lately.

Health Care Reform Explained Play

As a result of health care reform, there are many changes to health care that will likely affect you. These videos were created to help you better understand the changes ahead. To learn more, visit http://www.aflac.com/healthcare_reform.

Testimonials: A Rewarding Career with Aflac Play

In these videos, agents talk about being a part of Aflac's community and reflect on moments when customers most appreciated having Aflac supplemental insurance policies. For more real stories about Aflac agents' experiences in the field and to learn how to become part of the Aflac team, go to http://www.aflac.com/agents/.

Testimonials: Hear from our Aflac Policyholders Play

These videos feature real Aflac policyholders who share stories of how Aflac's supplemental insurance helped cover them when they needed it most. To learn more about how Aflac helped protect its policyholders from the unexpected costs of serious injury or illness, go to http://www.aflac.com/individuals/realstories.aspx.

El Pato de Aflac habla español Play

Entérate más sobre Aflac y como puede ayudarte si te enfermas o lesionas en http://www.aflac.com/espanol.

The Aflac Duck speaks Spanish: Learn how Aflac can help you if you are sick or hurt at http://www.aflac.com/espanol.

Aflac in the Community Play

Aflac's philanthropic efforts can be seen in four key areas: health, education, youth and the arts. To learn more about Aflac's effort to help those suffering from pediatric cancer, please visit http://duckprints.aflac.com and http://www.choa.org/Cancer.

Aflac Nascar Racing - Carl Edwards Play

We are proud to partner with Carl Edwards on and off the track. To learn more about Carl Edwards and the Aflac Racing team, visit http://www.aflacracing.com and http://www.facebook.com/aflacracing.
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