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Texas State Board Of Education Picket 7-21-11

227 views 3 years ago
The Texas State Board of Education was having hearings that week, inviting input from citizens about the insertion of creationism into public school science classrooms. I held a one person picket, while several of our movement's people were inside, doing their kind of activism. A reporter with the Associated Press took pictures of me, and one of them got picked up, so you may have already seen me in that pic, doing this demo. It was fun! At 6:16, Aron Ra made a cameo appearance, as he passed me while going into the building. He went on to become my replacement as Texas State Director for American Atheists. I think he's done a great job in that position.

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My stage name is Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo, or just Joe Shabadoo for short. Here are just a few examples of music I've played with bands, and alone and videos I've made of those performances, as well as a few videos I've produced showing other artists. Enjoy! :o)
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