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YouTube Spotlight

***Spoiler Alert*** Play

Spoiler Alert: If any of these movies, video games, or viral videos are on your radar, these clips might unwittingly reveal the outcome. On the plus, they could possibly save you some valuable time.

YouTube Nation Episodes Play

YouTube Nation shows you the videos you need to see, every single day. From viral hits to undiscovered gems, subscribe NOW and never miss an episode!

Have You Heard of Meme Rap? Play

Perfect fodder for GIFs and a viral explosion, these clever songs created by witty rap artists harness the power of pop culture jokes, shocking imagery, and social media.

10 Amazing Water Slides Play

From the backyard to the big time, go along for the ride as daredevils take a spin (and sometimes a splat) on the world's craziest water slides.

Body Image: Now & Then Play

New and older music videos from John Legend, Pink, TLC, Beyoncé and more react to and defy one thing: physical perfection.


You don't have to be James Cameron—or have his budget—to CGI your way to cinematic brilliance. These ingenious auteurs utilize new tools and software to bring big-screen visions to your screen.

The Science of Superheroes Play

What would happen if Superman was real and he punched you right in the face? Could you heal like Wolverine? How much does Thor's hammer weigh? Scientists tackle your burning comi-questions.
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