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Fresco Blanco - 'La Cocina Negra' Preface

1,996 views 7 months ago
With his anticipated EP La Cocina Negra releasing next month, Fresco Blanco takes interviewer Adam Kostylo to his old stomping grounds and personal studios. "It started here", the YCE leader states, in regards to Downey. "When talking bout what could be my biggest project yet, we gotta think about where it started at."
Speaking about some of his fondest memories, Fresco speaks on how his impact in the community and his ability to push children to chase their dreams at an early age. "I'm just gonna do my own shit, and do what i want to do because i can", Fresco states. "And where that goes is up to other open-minded people".
But the LA County neighborhood didn't just spawn the genius lyricist's affinity for music, it whipped up the idea to build the Yacht Club Entertainment brand. "It's a fuckin epic motion picture," Fresco discloses before shedding light on the Yachtwear Paris lounge pants & sweaters for this season. While crafting past projects, Fresco's street sensibilities, business-savvy and all-around eccentric demeanor landed him in one of the biggest MC's labels--Universal Music Group. "We're at your fuckin throats!"

Watch the mini-doc of Fresco Blanco and his road to La Cocina Negra. The EP is available worldwide on December 1, 2013. Be on the lookout for the pre-order on iTunes.

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