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Vladimir Nabokov ∇ Speaking to James Mossman—Montreux, 9/8/69

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What distinguishes us from animals ?
« Being aware of being aware of being. In other words, if I not only know that I am, but also know that I know it, then I belong to the human species. All the rest follows—the glory of thought, poetry, a vision of the universe. In that respect, the gap between ape and man is immeasurably greater than the one between amoeba and ape. The difference between an ape's memory and a human memory is the difference between an ampersand and the British Museum Library. »

Also, for Jeremy Irons ∇ Reading Lolita—Exhibit Nº 1—Vladimir Nabokov :
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Marantz—Ken Ishiwata : Pearl Album Play

To mark the introduction of the KI Pearls, this special SACD recording combines 100% acoustic instruments and a seriously simple sound stage to create unbelievable stereo imaging.

All the tracks feature the well-known jazz singer Katelijne van Otterloo, chosen by Ken as another perfectionist who understands emotional involvement in music. The pianist is the very talented Michiel Buursen who also made all the arrangements for the album. And, to ensure close intimacy, the tracks were recorded in the small Smederij Studio - famous for its very natural acoustic ambience.

With classic jazz numbers such as 'Fotografia', 'Summertime' and 'Autumn Leaves', everyone will be intimately familiar with the songs, leaving you free to focus, feel and free-fall into the rich intensity of the music.


Ken Ishiwata
« I love music more than anything. I believe music is the greatest form of art that humanity has ever created. Music communicates directly with your heart. It connects with your emotions. Creating a lasting impression. Music is timeless. » http://marantz.eu/kipearl
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