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DIY: The BEST Practice Rope Dart (Part 2b of 4)

5,908 views 1 month ago
For the last few months I've had a bottleneck occur with my videos-- I couldn't move on until I was happy with my rope dart!

Here are my final suggestions in terms of how to make your rope dart. The type of rope, in particular, really matters. I apologize if you had started this project watching my earlier videos that are listed below. If you decide to make your own rope dart, I recommend you view the latter video, as it contains additional instruction on how to make your rope dart.

How to Make a Kunai Rope Dart

How to Make a Practice Rope Dart

Although, I used theatrical cord, a different type of cotton sash cord may be better suited for this project. I knew if I was going to spend more money on rope, it had to be a color I liked, which was black. The cord I bought isn't solid braid and has a nylon core. But it does feel very durable and I like it the best out of all my ropes so far!

Twine I used to make the Sailmaker's Whipping

How to Make a Sailmaker's Whipping

Here are the other videos in this series:

Part 1 of 4: Intro to my Practice Monkeys' Fists / Practice Rope Darts

Part 2a of 4: How to Make a Practice Monkey's Fist Rope Dart

Part 2b of 4: DIY: The BEST Practice Rope Dart

Part 3 of 4: How to Start your Training in Rope Dart or Chain Whip
Video coming soon!

Part 4 of 4: My First Day of Rope Dart vs Two Months Later
Video coming soon! Show less
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