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These Walls - Xolani Heylon (Official Music Video)

641 views 4 months ago
Things change
and they r starting to,
my world my life and you.
New stage, new attitude and I know just what to do

when I, look over and you're lying next to me,
I'm no longer in the place I used to be
And I feel RIGHT,
but still do wrong, and we seem tight but it's all gone.

A bad turn, leads to another dead end
another wall another fall right in,
but I knew, that things would change
and I found my soulmate to rearrange
This life.

Chorus when these walls were crumbling down on me you sent me an Angel these walls, these walls

These walls are no longer next to me
cuz you're in this world ,
And you're my ecstasy

When I see my smile,
On the face of my child
And I see my wife,
I feel good about our life so far

oh we've had such fights,
but everything seems to come back to her
And BELMONT, seems so far away
But your smile is, here to stay

Things in my rear view mirror are getting smaller too
cuz our life together seems to start again with you
It starts and ends with you....

Chorus when these walls were crumbling down on me you sent me an Angel, these walls, these walls Show less
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