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عذرا يا نشامى - ابوي عراقي و امي عراقيه

174,534 views 2 years ago
محاولتي لوصف نزاع داخلي موجود عندي من لما كان عمري 5 سنين.

This video, and mainly the set of words you're about to hear (and read), is my attempt on shedding some light on the internal (and probably eternal) struggle that has been rooted in me ever since I was five years old.

I'm not a poet, and I won't dare call this a poem, but putting into words what I felt is an incredible achievement by itself, and should this video be of value to anyone else, that would be truly be an added bonus.

It's worth noting that I'm way better off than most Iraqis out there. I've been blessed, and my blessings are countless, there's no denying that. The purpose of this video is not to generate compassion for my personal cause, but the suffering most Iraqis undergo on daily basis, those living in Iraq and even those living abroad. Those Iraqis whose land, resources, homes, and lives have been taken away from them.

Finally, I'd like to thank a very special person for giving me the spark to actually write what I felt, in my mother tongue, without giving too much thought about whether or not my words come out neat. Thanks for being the spark, I am forever grateful

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