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Frost Wolf

Wall Fisting

268 views 1 year ago
I'v had this video sitting on my desktop forever now so I thought "sure why the hell not " and uploaded it today. As you can see in this video its a group of my friends...punching a wall...not the smartest thing to do but hey it was are last few days at being seniors and we all thought it be fun to do something completely stupid! :D I recorded this all on my 3ds so if it looks bad I'm sorry.

OK I'm not sure why they did this but hell we all do dumb shit when were young XP and this like...top 6 on the list of dumb shit you do when your young.

If you got the balls to punch a wall harder then these guys then make a video response and send it to me or to this video ( however you do that idk how lol )

I miss these guys and I hope they are all doing well! ( fking miss you guys so much! ) Show less
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