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Wrong Guys

The Heist (Ep. 4) - The Wrong Guys for the Job - An Interactive Comedy Web Series

89,476 views 1 year ago
In this episode, Larry and Charlie decide to rob a coffee shop to help build their street cred. After busting in, guns blazing, they realize there is only one person in the entire place. YOU, the viewer, get to decide what happens next. We hope you enjoy this people full of action, violence, love, Charlie, Larry, a sexy coffee shop girl and much much more.

Make sure you have ANNOTATIONS turn on to choose from three different endings!

FOR MOBILE DEVICES, click links below to see the different endings:
- ROB THE CUSTOMER: http://youtu.be/uINnh-FtYdU
- ROB THE REGISTER: http://youtu.be/bWaUYERh7fg
- CHECK THE BACK: http://youtu.be/0p3s_kAqQN8

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Written & Directed by Matthew Tibbenham & Sutton McKee
Produced by Mehdi Alavi
Cinematography by Bruce Logan, ASC
Edited by Barry Bond & Brent McReynolds

Brian Dobski as Larry
Ryan Barry McCarthy as Charlie
Lizzie Weber as Coffee Shop Worker
Nick Ryan as Customer
Michael Resendez as Punk Ass Teenager #1
Jordan Avtal as Punk Ass Teenager #2

All Rights Reserved ©2013

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