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What is WildStar?

1,213,339 views 1 year ago
As we head into Beta, lots of people still want to know: What is this WildStar game? Why should I care about it? Is it nutritional? Will my dog enjoy it? Well, we can't promise to answer all of those questions, but we're pretty sure we've covered the basics in this video. Enjoy!

You can find more information about WildStar and sign up for beta at: http://www.WildStar-Online....

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WildStar - Trailers Play

Want the latest mind-blowing, ass-kicking, eyeball-popping information about WildStar? These Flicks give you the low-down and do it with style!

WildStar - Gameplay Play

All the info, none of the BS; Detailed gameplay mechanics, sweet in-game footage and the sultry tones of our own Stephan Frost. DevSpeak has it all.

WildStar - Behind the Scenes Play

Want to know what makes a great game great? Want to see just how crazy Team WildStar can be? Behind the Scenes take you into the secret evil lair of Carbine and shows you all our cool stuff. Though we don't have any death lasers or weather machines... (yet)

WildStar - Events Play

If WildStar was a band then this would be the Live Tour DVD Compilation. If you missed out on a show we went to, then you can watch all the highlights and see all the awesome fun we had at the show here. We take no responsibility if it bums you out because you couldn't go.

WildStar - Deutsch Play

Ihr wollt die epischsten und hirnzerfetzendsten WildStar-Videos in deutscher Sprache? Hier sind sie, zusammengefasst in einer Playlist und abgesegnet durch das Gremium zur Erhaltung der Butterherzchen*. Lehnt euch zurück und genießt! (* Das genannte Gremium könnte reine Fiktion sein / ** Butterherzchen können Spuren von Nüssen enthalten)

WildStar - Français Play

Retrouvez toutes les vidéos de WildStar en français dans cette Playlist ! Des DevSpeak en passant par les films WildStar, si une vidéo en français existe, alors vous la trouverez ici à coup sûr !
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