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Trucker Steve

Trucker: GOT SKILL?

56,441 views 10 months ago
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Stephen "Trucker Steve" Adams a film maker, entrepreneur and 16 year veteran of the trucking industry from Phoenix AZ.

Stephen Adams created this hair raising short film as a public service announcement to the U.S Department of State and The Wage and Hour Division. "TRUCKER: GOT SKILL? " was created with one goal in mind!

To raise the image and wages of the professional truck driver. To bring back respect to a industry filled with highly skilled men and women who have lost respect with legislators and the general motoring public.

Help me in sharing this message with as many people as you can and maybe "together" we can make a difference, if the right people see this!

We are highly skilled professional and I'm not going hear anymore that we"re not!

All you have to do is share this! I done the leg work, lets get this out there!

"Trucker: GOT SKILL?" Dang right we do!!

Your friend on the internet,
Trucker Steve

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Production details:
Canon xf100
Canon s110
Canon t2i with various lenses
GoPro3 Hero black
Manfrotto 501hdv
Zoom H4N
Sennheiser ew 100 ENG G3 Wireless Microphone System

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I have a personal mission: To raise the image of the professional truck driver.I have been creating video portraits of various professional drivers in my popular online video series, "Trucker:".

"Trucker:" is viewed largely by non commercial drivers and those seeking a new career in the industry. Viewers get a chance to see trucking as it is, eliminating any preconceived ideas. We in the trucking industry already know that the industry is filled with highly skilled men and women. Now the every day motorist can too.

You can help me in this mission, it is absolutely FREE. Help support me in my mission by subscribing and sharing my online video series.

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A fear of public speaking lead Trucker Steve to seek a alternative solution when asked to host his sons career day.
When he couldn't find a video that encapsulated what he felt children should know about trucking he set out to make his own.
The class was so thrilled they suggested that he upload the video to the website youtube.

He took their advice, and soon after was featured on the front page and launched into the eyes and ears of millions of viewers. He continued to expanded upon his original video with a series popular follow up videos. This list is a few that gained popularity.
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