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White Razor

Best of Battlefield 4 Part 1 - This game is shiny!

82 views 1 month ago
Battlefield 4 went on special at EB Games (think GameStop), which made it less than half how much Origin was selling it for. So, I thought it was about time to get it to see if the campaign was worth any hype!

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Battlefield 4 Play

Was this game worth the hype? Yeah, kind of. Better yet, I got this for 36 bucks as opposed to 90 on Origin. Enjoy a collection of my best moments of the campaign while enduring my sick voice...

Tomb Raider Play

A blind playthrough/Let's Play of Tomb Raider! It came out, it just unlocked on Steam after the preload, and now I'm going to only get a few hours sleep before work... fantastic.
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