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WhistlersBrother - Groovy Good Whistling!

8,679 views 2 years ago
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Yes, I really am a professional whistler. I get paid to record my whistling for various things. I've done whistling for commercials, been featured in popular music, and other stuff. If you want to learn how to whistle I have some whistling tutorials on my channel.

My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Pro...

No, I'm not the best whistler in the world. I've been told I'm pretty good though. Show less
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Whistling Tutorials by WhistlersBrother Play

How to Whistle. This is my series of tutorials designed to teach you how to whistle, and how to improve your whistling.

I will help you learn how to whistle using the "pucker" method (the only form of whistling I know how to do myself), using no fingers. I will also teach you how to improve your whistling with plenty of tricks and tips, and I will also teach you how to whistle more musically.

I'll be adding new videos to this playlist periodically.

Old School Whistling Vids Play

Videos of whistling without high quality audio. Just me and the camera.

Comedy from WhistlersBrother Play

Comedy videos from the twisted mind of WhistlersBrother.
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