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HAARP Freq Stepping CAUGHT in Action!!

148,719 views 10 months ago
An excellent capture of the NARROW beam (i.e., look in the upper center of the video) stepping through various frequencies. It is rather violent in the way the clouds jump to position, based on the particular wavelength.

HAARP's original test bed in Alaska (which after 20 years...announced it's "closure..") revealed everything the government needed to know about the technology, and they now used many, many small, phased-array antenna modules, all over the U.S. and it's possession's (usually on federal property-often military locales)

HAARP is used in conjunction with geo-engineering a/k/a: Chem-trails-the spraying on Nano-particulates of metals and bio-engineered gunk into the atmosphere.

NOTICE: Due to severe abuses, the "comments" have been disabled for this video. We hope to once again have the ability to respond to YouTube comments VIA YOUTUBE (rather than a forced switch to Google+)

The point is, the control is in place, and this can be applied up high, or down-deep, under the soil, using ultra low frequencies, to trigger massive (or minor) earthquakes.

It is a better weapon than even "Doctor Evil" could of EVER dreamed of, in his wildest fantasies. Yet, our secret government agencies, are using it over North America at will. Show less
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