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Being Different If You're A Weddell Seal In Antarctica

779 views 5 months ago
What does it mean to be different if you're a Weddell seal in Antarctica? This video explores individual variation in Weddell seals studied by the Weddell population research project, and what such individual variation might mean to the future of this southernmost mammal living in the most pristine marine environment on Earth.

Featured in this video are interviews on location in Erebus Bay, Antarctica with Montana State University ecologists Jay Rotella, Bob Garrott, Thierry Chambert, and Jesse DeVoe on the B-009 Weddell population project. The video also showcases some truly spectacular underwater footage by Henry Kaiser, courtesy of the Project B-470 Weddell research team. Video editing and production by Mary Lynn Price.

This project video is made possible with funding and support from the National Science Foundation, and the assistance of the United States Antarctic Program. Produced in association with Montana State University. More information on the project, the seals, and the researchers at http://WeddellSealScience.com . Show less
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