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Jake Nelis

Jake Nelis - Shadow Of The Colossus - (L)osing (S)ensation of (D)imensions (Guitar Cover)

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Jake Nelis, 15 Years Old, Australia.
Self-taught guitarist/drummer/bassist/prod­ucer.

*Copyright Disclaimer*
*Song was written by and is property of Shadow Of The Colossus (Band)*

Shadow Of The Colossus..... AMAZING band. One of my favourite deathcore bands to ever emerge from the scene. SO stoked for their new album Endgame to drop. I have been wanting to cover this song for a LONG time, and finally decided to get around to it. This is my favourite song off of their self-titled (Along with 'Instrumental') and will remain one of my favourite deathcore songs of all time for a long time to come. Very fun song to play, I highly recommend taking the time to learn it. (This song is played on a six-string by the actual band, but I just tuned the top 6 strings of my seven string to their tuning instead, seeing as my seven string holds the lower tunings a lot better.)

Tuning: Drop G#/Ab - G# D# G# C# F A# or Ab Eb Ab Db F Bb

Check out the bands playthrough here:

Want to hear more? Head over to my soundcloud! I update it with everything I record!

My SoundCloud:

I do design work for bands, so if you're interested hit me up here:

Equipment Used:
Line 6 POD UX2
POD Farm 2.5
Sony Vegas Pro 11
Schecter Damien Elite 7 Show less
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